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Become an Ethernaut and help build the next generation of Ethereum developers.

Welcome to the Ether, Ethernaut.

The Ethereum ecosystem continues to grow at a staggering pace. Layer 2 solutions are finally here, the Eth2 merge is well underway, and DeFi adoption continues to rise. Things are stirring up for sure! To keep up with the pace, protocols need to scale engineering capacities. In spite of the phenomenal growth, there aren’t enough qualified developers in the ecosystem for everything we need to build in the short to mid term. The issue at hand is that while there are millions of exceptionally skilled and experienced senior developers out there, senior Solidity developers remain scarce.
The Ethernauts, developers already exploring the ether, seek out to solve this imbalance and flip the supply deficiency by combining their forces and knowledge. We can rapidly transform senior developers into senior Solidity developers with the right incentives.
For more detailed information, check out our initial blog post. If you want to donate and get an awesome NFT in the process:​