I want to grow my team but I don't have a mentor

Guide for mentees in the EthernautDAO
Mentor paid by you
This is a job offer for mentors. You either have the candidates to be mentored or you need both a mentor and a mentee. We can offer mentors a payment for the hours implemented into training. To apply to this process please contact Dhannte on Discord here or Twitter here​
Mentor paid by EthernautDAO
This option is for public goods projects in need of a mentor and projects with small funds that plan to become profitable in the future. EthernautDAO treasury can cover the costs for the mentor in both cases.
Public good projects won't be charged in any way but we will appreciate mutual collaboration.
Future profitable projects will need to submit a fund request proposal and future EthernautDAO retribution, which is to be voted by the EthernautDAO council.
To apply please contact Dhannte on Discord here or Twitter here