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Remember to apply for a mentorship you need to be a senior dev.

As a mentee you'll be able to apply to mentorships with experienced Solidity developers in order to ramp up your skills and join the Ethereum developer ecosystem.

New availabile mentorships are announced on the #announcement channel on our Discord.

As EthernautDAO does not offer direct mentorships and is a medium between mentees and mentors, mentorship offers can be very different and suited to different candidates depending on the needs of the mentor. Read offers attentively and respond to it by following the process explained in the offer.

Usually, applications consist of a response post in the discord thread with the required information. Once the mentor has enough candidates, the application process will be closed. Selected candidates will be announced on our Discord once the selection process is done.

If you are selected for a mentorship (Congratulations 🎉 ) we would love to hear from you! If you can share some content produced during the pairing, especially if it can help others become better developers, mentees, etc, it would greatly add value to our documentation.

If you're not selected - don't worry! - there will be other opportunities! In the meantime you can always work on your skills. Here are some ideas:

  • Check our resources to improve your knowledge & skills (e.g. Solidity, EVM, ...)

  • Enter into discussions with members of the DAO on our Discord to improve your understanding on different topics or share ideas about projects

  • Participate in the DAO! Jump in on our Discord and hang around. Any help is welcome!

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